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Versatility and Agility: Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty and Change

Versatility & Agility: Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty and Change

Versatility & Agility: Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty and Change


How is your organization leading through change and unanticipated turbulence?


The International Relocation Associates, (TIRA) recently hosted an in-depth webinar with members, Irina Yakimenko, Managing Partner at Intermark ; Karen Cygal, CEO and Co-Founder at Global IQ; Rajul Batra, Managing Partner at Hudson McKenzie with special guest, Melissa Myer, Director, Global Mobility at Mastercard, and moderated by TIRA Partner, Susan Ginsberg, Founder at SRG ADVISORY. TIRA’s Chair, Brenda Levis, President at NYC Navigator and New England Navigator welcomed the attendees.

We heard their views on the World at Work and Talent Mobility landscape and learned pragmatic examples from them on their organization’s transformation, how they empower their teams, demonstrate agility, and in instances, have revised their companies’ mission and performance metrics in pursuit of purpose and growth.

The panelists reflected on the ever-changing geopolitical, economic, and work landscape.


Versatility mitigates unpredictability.

Melissa Myer, Director Global Mobility at Mastercard shared, “We are changing the way we are working and looking at things. As a company, we are being more creative, flexible, and high touch. We are pivoting, adopting new skill sets, and exploring how to accomplish our key objectives.”

Irina Yakimenko added, “We operate and manage in the region where there are two wars and other conflicts. Our business has been uprooted, and as such the Duty of Care has prevailed over everything. We are looking at how we support our clients, our transferees, and our own team. This means listening closely to our stakeholders and developing new services, implementing risk assessment and mitigation measures, and growing our business in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.”

Susan Ginsberg commented that siloed operational models are becoming obsolete and cumbersome. She asked the panelists to share examples of how they nurture an inclusive company culture.


Agility is an essential skill.

Rahul Batra reflected that, “We came out of the pandemic and Brexit being more resilient and are proudly a net zero firm. Our company is now fully remote and digital, and that has helped us manage the onslaught on business. Importantly, our team knows we trust them, and they trust us. Our diverse team members are loyal and appreciate our flexibility. We plan fun monthly events to spark our collegiality and enterprising spirit.”

Global Mobility is adopting a changed mindset. That is, evolving as an interdependent ecosystem that leverages an automated process, helps drive down costs and duplication, and enables time-saving efficiencies to allow for solutions-creation and innovation – while ensuring high touch support remains essential.

“Beginning three years ago, our firm was built on automation, AI, and machine learning. We have leaned into how we source our business, how we scale ourselves and others. We are fully a net zero firm, too. We are delighted that our entire global team is invested in and feels part of our journey and growth,” remarked Karen Cygal.

TIRA is committed to planning worthwhile member events and roundtables, enhancing their social media presence, fostering community with membership, and leveraging members’ collective thought-leadership. Brenda Levis shared, “We are optimistic about the future of TIRA and global talent mobility.”


Versatility and Agility: Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty and Change

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By Susan Ginsberg at SRG ADVISORY  and TIRA partner.

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