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TIRA YouTube Channel - the hot topics of the global mobility industry

TIRA YouTube Channel – the hot topics of the global mobility industry

TIRA, The International Relocation Associates launches a TIRA YouTube channel for its future video content, including its new interview series, TIRA Talks.

Everyone is making unique video content these days and TIRA is no exception.
Our TIRA YouTube channel was launched recently, with a video guide to our current board and an interview by Susan Ginsberg with the founder of TIRA, Beverly Mayhew. This is a fascinating interview for members and non-members alike.
How many members did TIRA have when it was originally founded? In what location was it founded? No, we wouldn’t have guessed either.

A brand new TIRA YouTube channel highlight: #TIRAtalks

Board member Stuart McAlister has since launched TIRA Talks, a series of video interviews with TIRA members, with the goal of broadening understanding of the organisation and its capabilities, sharing best practices and encouraging potential new members to start their TIRA journeys.

The first interview features TIRA’s current Chairman, Jérémy Berthoux from Home Conseil in France. Jérémy shared details of the origins of the company his mother founded 31 years ago, how he came to join the firm much later, his company’s history with TIRA and his feelings about the current and future state of our industry.

Further TIRA Talks episodes are already in the pipeline and if anyone would like to join Stuart for a friendly chat, he would love to hear from you.

Subscribe to TIRA YouTube channel HERE

There are a lot of exciting future developments afoot at TIRA, so watch this space for more updates very soon.

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