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TIRA Embraces the World of Generative AI

One of the many benefits of being a member of The International Relocation Associates (TIRA)  is its commitment to learning and sharing knowledge. The network recently hosted a roundtable for its members around the world, “How to Use AI and Automation in Your Business” led by AI specialist, Alane Boyd. Alane is Co-Founder of BGBO Co. an operations and growth strategy agency utilizing AI and automation to improve efficiency for their clients. In 2022 her company launched ARVO an AI-powered visual documentation software for creating standard operating procedures, training documents, and company knowledge. Alane has written and been featured in Entrepreneur, HuffPost, South by Southwest (SXSW), PBS, FemFounder, and many more.

First, why does the emergence of Generative AI matter?

The relocation industry is experiencing significant transformations through the integration of AI automation, revolutionizing how businesses operate and the serve corporate clients and transferees. AI automation is enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and the overall experience for businesses and individuals relocating worldwide.

Incorporating AI automation in the relocation industry streamlines operations, reduces costs, enhances customer satisfaction, and ensures a seamless relocation process for employees and their families. Additionally, it’s crucial to address privacy concerns, remain compliant with regulations, and maintain a human touch in critical interactions to build trust and a positive user experience.

How can AI automation be used to optimize TIRA members’ efficiency and enhance the customer experience?

The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) workshop on Generative AI focused on the intersection of AI technologies and their impact on the processes, efficiency, and experiences within the global relocation industry. Members have a thirst for knowledge and look to the allied network to introduce new information, top-notch speakers, and trends for which all members can grow, and their businesses thrive.

The discussion covered topics related to the three primary uses of AI automation: text, images, and video. Alane explained that the most asked question is, “Will AI replace me and my job?” Her answer was resoundingly, “No. It is not going to replace your job. It’s going to replace the most boring, tedious parts of your job.”

Alane went on to explain that Generative AI acts as an assistant at work and in your daily life. It is not human. It is not an executive. She commented that, “AI is the best assistant you could ask for. It doesn’t get tired. It is always available, and it is happy to do the work.”

As of March 2023, there were close to 15,000 startup AI apps in the U.S. The most talked about apps are Bard (Google), ChatGPT (Open AI), and CoPilot (Microsoft). Interestingly, Microsoft owns 49% of AI apps.

“AI is so much more than just ChatGPT. There are thousands of AI platforms available that can be used to solve your specific needs,” added Ms. Boyd. Examples of some exciting new apps include Jasper that is helpful for content writing and gives a framework for itineraries, Krisp that deletes background noise, and Grain that records and transcribes. Given the rapid emergence of new apps, the AI Specialist recommended to search for to identify pragmatic apps to streamline work and improve productivity.

Members learned the many benefits and limitations of using apps.  A benefit of using Generative AI is that it provides a starting place for and improves writing skills. One of the limitations of using an app is that if the input is unclear, the output will provide the wrong or inaccurate information.

Additionally, attendees emphasized the importance of always ensuring privacy and compliance.

Brenda Levis, TIRA Vice Chair and President of NYC Navigator commented, “My team and I have already discovered how using AI has saved us time, reduced costs and enhanced the experience of our valued clients and transferees.”

TIRA members are energized to make good use of Generative AI platforms. In fact, this article was written, in part using ChatGPT.

TIRA is an aligned network of leading quality global mobility providers that offers expertise from around the world to local solutions to global challenges. Network members leverage their experience and exchange best practices that add value to the global mobility industry and support the global demand for talent. Get in touch with us.

Written by: Susan Ginsberg, Founder SRG ADVISORY

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