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TIRA Aligns with the WEF 2024 Future of Growth Report

The World Economic Forum recently published their Future of Growth Report 2024. The report provides a framework that looks at four pillars, innovativeness, inclusiveness, sustainability, and resilience. These overall findings, at a macro level, derive from Chief Economists. They present opportunities and a realization that the world is only halfway to achieving growth.

“A simple ‘return’ to GDP growth is not enough,” says Saadia Zahidi, the Forum’s Managing Director for the Centre for the New Economy and Society. “Instead, each country must undertake a unique and complex journey towards achieving innovative, inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth.”

What do these four pillars mean for TIRA and the Relocation Industry?

The International Relocation Associates (TIRA), a global network of independently owned relocation companies, is aligned with WEF’s pillars. These pillars are the key drivers for its member companies, and they count on TIRA to provide initiatives and learning that supports members’ growth trajectory.

Innovativeness – members have invested time and resources into technology innovation, including Generative AI. In doing so, members exchange the benefits of improved productivity, time management, and managing costs. At the same time, they openly share the challenges for team members to learn new ways of working and embracing change.

Inclusiveness – founded over 40 years ago, the global association was created to be inclusive. A key TIRA priority invites varied insights and perspectives with a keen eye on finding pragmatic solutions that add value to clients, transferees, and each organization.

Sustainability – member companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and have implemented measures to impact climate change. Members have become or are in the process of becoming certified by EcoVadis, a company that guides sustainability performance and helps achieve sustainability goals around the world.

Resilience – TIRA helps HR/Mobility leaders navigate economic uncertainty and geopolitical turbulence. They offer innovative solutions to global workforce and talent challenges. They are dedicated to delivering consistent quality and expertise and working in collaboration with valued clients and other service providers. Additionally, the network offers a safety net for trusted encouragement amongst its membership.

We would love to hear from you. Learn about us at TIRA. Your trusted global network of local relocation experts.

By Susan Ginsberg at SRG ADVISORY, a TIRA Partner.

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