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The Benefits of Being Part of an Association

There is value to being part of an association. Some of the key benefits are that it strengthens business connections, supplies access to current information and trends, provides opportunities to gain new insights and perspectives, and potentially develop long-lasting relationships.

Most associations offer learning opportunities, and the membership cost is outweighed by the learning, networking, and professional development.

Why become a member of The International Relocation Association (TIRA)?

As a global network of leading, independently owned relocation companies, TIRA offers tangible value.

TIRA is your trusted global network of local relocation experts. The association’s core principles are clear – standards, expertise, and collaboration.

Standards: delivering consistent service excellence to their valued clients and their transferees is paramount. These standards reflect TIRA’s 40-year history and “Stamp of Quality.” Members are vetted for their quality metrics and undergo a rigorous review before becoming a member.

Expertise: the value of each member having knowledge combined with years of honed experience offers thought leadership, caring, and empathy.

Collaboration: the combined strength of the global network exceeds the strength of each individual member company. Members gain fresh perspectives from all over the world, engage in innovation-sharing, and are enriched by professional development. Trusted partnerships deliver tangible outcomes and local solutions to the ongoing challenges of talent mobility.

TIRA members help navigate the uncertainty of talent mobility. Count on TIRA to deliver successful outcomes on behalf of their clients and transferees.

We welcome organizations who are dedicated to exchanging innovative ideas, fostering a learning-mindset, and commit to operating sustainability and ethically. To learn about us and consider membership, get in touch.

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By Susan Ginsberg at SRG ADVISORY  and TIRA partner.

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