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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: Igniting Reinvention

‘Sooner or later,’ wrote the late Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, in his 1996 memoir, Only the Paranoid Survive, ‘something fundamental in your business will change.’ The late Mr. Grove’s comment is intended to ignite an innovative spark, not cause gloom and doom.

A recent survey, PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey – Thriving in an age of continuous reinvention, overwhelmingly emphasizes CEO beliefs that reinvention and organizational transformation will be critical to their company surviving and thriving.

Organizational change can be focused on technology, product offerings, or driven by competition. In all instances, the focus will be on optimizing the client and customer experience.

TIRA’s global network of leading relocation companies is closely aligned in terms of their purpose and value. By leveraging over 40 years of global mobility expertise to assist companies to attract and move talent when they are needed – and when they are needed.

Each entrepreneurial member has the experience and know-how to develop high-impact, pragmatic solutions to address corporate workforce objectives. TIRA members, located in over 50 countries, can assist in establishing priorities that concurrently seize on opportunities and navigate risk.

TIRA prioritizes relationships and is obsessed with driving outcomes on behalf of their valued clients and their transferees.

Let The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) be a partner to your strategic advantage.

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 Written by Susan Ginsberg, SRG ADVISORY and a TIRA Partner

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