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Moving to another country puts a large amount of emotional stress on a person and everybody deals differently with change. Therefore, the focus of Relocation Belgium is to offer a personal approach to every transferee.

Relocation Belgium deals with people and a case-by-case approach is crucial. Once settled, we have a close follow-up policy ensuring a good integration of the transferee and family.

Relocation Belgium’s team is made up of ‘ ex-expats’ located across Belgium. Having a team of former expatriates is the hallmark of a great relocation company: it guarantees an in-depth understanding of the issues that the transferee and the HR department are dealing with. In 2008, we obtained the Eura Quality Seal which underlines our professionalism. In order to keep this seal, the company is audited on a biannual basis.

This means that besides our experience and personal approach, we also have the right processes and IT- support in place. In short, we have the flexibility of a small company combined with the professionalism of a large one.

Relocation Belgium

Deborah Loones (Director)


Koning Leopold II laan 12
9000 Gent

Contact: +32 9 247 47 74

  • 2021 EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS)
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