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New Year, New Owners, New Vision

New Year, New Owners, New Vision

It is a commonly held belief that a new year is a time for fresh starts, innovative ideas and hopeful changes.  Well, EER has certainly embraced that sentiment in more ways than one. In case you missed the joyful news at the start of the festive period, EER will now be under the guidance of its new co-owners, Marie O’Neill and Aideen Hopkins.

Currently acting as the Managing Director and Operations Director respectively, both Marie and Aideen have been with EER for many years and their take over as leaders of the company is a natural progression of their passion and dedication.  As we kick off 2022, they both wanted to share the company’s new vision, mission and values and how their ambitious plans will propel EER forward in exciting ways.

Defining Perceptions

Primarily, both Aideen and Marie believe in the importance of building on the amazing work that EER has already done.  Having been with the company for over a decade, they have first-hand knowledge of all that the team has achieved.  As the region’s leading relocation, immigration and corporate services company, EER has built a consistent reputation for integrity, transparency and performance.

As co-owners, Marie and Aideen will be focused on maintaining the high standards that clients expect while simultaneously implementing a series of initiatives that will expand the company’s reach, both in terms of geographical presence and service provisions.  As part of those efforts, they wanted to begin 2022 with a solid statement about the central ethos of EER and how that shapes the type of company it is and will be.

A Cultural Framework

To mark the evolution of EER as it changes hands in terms of ownership, it will now have a new vision and mission.  It aims to succinctly encapsulate the essence of EER and its goals for the future:

New Vision and Mission

To inspire people to embrace life-changing events, safe in the knowledge that we have the expertise to make it happen

At its heart it acknowledges that EER is often the most supportive and effective resource for companies and individuals during pivotal moments in their story.  It also helps to underline that EER is committed to ensuring that the vital assistance they provide is always of the highest quality possible, no matter the task, every step of the way.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Another key priority for the new co-owners is that EER continues to separate itself from the competition through its culture and actions.  To emphasis the refreshing approach EER takes to its internal functionality and external performance, the new Vision and Mission has been paired with a new set of Values that define the culture of EER:

  • We believe success means never giving up
  • We promote the wellbeing of our people
  • We build lasting and supportive partnerships
  • We provide stress-free solutions to problems
  • We deliver on our promises with integrity

These values are the framework by which EER will be steered in the coming months and years.  Both Aideen and Marie are committed to engaging their team in positive ways, enhancing the service and support given to clients and contributing to the economic growth of the company in a way that promotes sustainability and prosperity for the organization, the community and the UAE.

In their own words, Marie and Aideen shared, “we have always believed in the quality and potential of EER.  We know how amazing our team is and what they are capable of.  By assuming our new roles as co-owners we can craft an agenda of expansion and engagement that will produce the best possible results for our employees, our clients and our company.”

There is no doubt that with these two at the helm, the sky is really the limit for EER…..

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