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Knowledge and Experience – A Source to Develop Talent

“The only source of knowledge is experience,” is a powerful quote by Albert Einstein. Experiences are valuable company assets, as they improve the abilities, skills, and knowledge of your employees.

According to PwC’s 2023 Global Workforce Hopes & Fears Survey , the divide between those who have and those who lack specialist skills is a growing problem, increasing the risk of economic inequality. Employees who are slow to make learning new skills a priority will struggle to adapt. And widening skills gaps will impact employee productivity and innovation for companies, while deepening the economic disparities that already burdens most of the world. The survey goes on to cite that business leaders are looking to close the “specialization gap” in a way that requires engaging—and inspiring—their employees.

A global assignment is an experience that builds knowledge, skills, and fosters talent. HR and Mobility leaders turn to TIRA – The International Relocation Associates a trusted global network of local relocation experts that can help business leaders build better workplaces and ensure they can relocate their talent where they are needed, and when they are needed.

Written by: Susan Ginsberg, Founder SRG ADVISORY

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