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The International Relocation Associates is on the move!

TIRA is on the move!

This article first appeared in EuRApean, EURA’s online magazine, in the Spring 2023 issue / page 42-43.

The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) is on the move!

TIRA recently congratulated its new Board Chair, Christine Martin and thanked former Board Chair, Jérémy Berthoux for his dedication and leadership.

As he steps aside, Jérémy reflected on his leadership role, “I trust and have confidence in the future of TIRA. Our industry is maturing while navigating tremendous consolidation, digitization and changes driven by the transformation of the global workforce.

These uncertain times underscore the importance of associations like TIRA to remain relevant and cohesive, and importantly, be agile, ahead of the curve and best in class. My successor, industry stalwart Christine Martin, will take over the leadership of TIRA and undoubtedly bring our great association to its next stages and milestones”.

Jérémy goes on to wish, “the best to Christine, her Board, and its members worldwide to remain focused on TIRA’s mission of transforming in each country around the world as best-in-class solutions-providers for a world increasingly in need of quality mobility solutions”!

Delighted to assume her new role, Christine shares “I thank the previous TIRA Board for their continuous actions and efforts to remain a knowledgeable resource in the industry.”

Christine Martin, Chair, - The International Relocation Associates
Christine Martin
Christine is CEO and Managing Director at EO Mobility Consultancy. For over 30 years, the firm has been providing relocation and immigration services throughout Spain.

Her vision for the future of TIRA – The International Relocation Associates is clear, “I believe that 2023 will be a complex year. We live in a world of uncertainty and cannot anticipate the consequences of today’s disruption, but we should expect long term challenges. We must be flexible and listen to our customers.

Our clients’ needs are shifting, and we need to redefine and adapt relocation services to emerging trends. The increasing diversity in the workforce is creating new expectations and we need to offer different customized services.”

Jeremy Berthoux, former Chair - The International Relocation Associates
Jérémy Berthoux
Jérémy is Managing Director and President of Home Conseil Relocation in France.

He recently reflected on relinquishing the role as TIRA’s Board Chair, “First, it’s been an honor to lead such a reputable organization in our industry that is almost as old as I am. I still recall entering the mobility industry in 2015.

During my first TIRA meeting in Porto, I was in awe at the sheer amount of member experience around that table and thought it would be a long road for me before I could call myself a peer of these renowned professionals.

It’s been an enjoyable journey and makes it feel like the blink of an eye being on the TIRA Board, in various positions, before becoming Vice-Chair during the Covid crisis. During that time, the Board decided to respectfully waive our dues to support our members. As Chair, we emerged resilient and strong as an intact network”.

TIRA- The International Relocation Associates has been actively curating their members’ knowledge and has enthusiastically showcased them. Earlier this year, the network launched a TIRA YouTube Channel featuring #TiraTalks hosted by Board member Stuart McAlister.

Stuart chats one-on-one with members and learns what’s going on in their business and market. Soon, TIRA will launch a second video stream #GlobalMobilityMatters featuring in-depth insights with corporate HR/Mobility leaders and members.

With the collective focus on making the world better, TIRA hosted a members’ roundtable organized by Board member Brenda Levis, “Working Together Towards a Sustainable Future” with special guest Cristina Venegas from EcoVadis.

Members discussed transforming their companies as sustainable operations and learned from EcoVadis, a trusted global sustainability ratings partner.

The International Relocation Associates will host a knowledge webinar, “What’s next in the evolution of global mobility?” geared toward potential new members and corporate HR/Mobility leaders.

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4 at 9:00 AM, ET. Panelists include TIRA members Lena Rekdal at Nimmersion; Marie at O’Neill, EER and Alan Bell at Equus Software.

The webinar is co-organized by Board member, Brenda Levis and moderated by Susan Ginsberg at SRG ADVISORY, a consultant to TIRA. More details to follow!

Jérémy noted that, “it is with great pride to have led a group of the highest quality professionals in our great mobility industry with the help of a Board that can only be described as “la crème de la crème”.

My pride is only matched by the feeling of accomplishment over the past year since taking the reins from our beloved past-Chair Sharon Michnay.

We’ve met our three fundamental goals: bringing greater value to TIRA members through in-person and online discussions about global mobility trends, heightening TIRA’s social media visibility, and expanding the TIRA family with new members joining the association.” 

Founded over 40 years ago, The International Relocation Associates’s guiding principles include delivering consistent quality standards, having expertise beyond knowing things and being practiced in what they do, and working in collaboration with clients and trusted partners to ensure successful outcomes.

The member community includes some of the world’s leading global mobility companies with over 50 offices in 500 locations worldwide.

Christine reminded the network members that, We will continue supporting the growth of our members by collaborating, sharing their local expertise with a global mindset, and exploring different ways to offer new value propositions.

By aligning our efforts and building further resilience we will be able to create sustainable long-term solutions that supports talent mobility”.  

Get to know us, join TIRA. We would love to hear from you!

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