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International Relocation Associates

A History of Excellence

TIRA, The International Relocation Associates, was founded in 1982 by Beverly D. Mayhew of Orientations, Inc., to meet a need for destination service providers scattered around the world to connect with each other, and to provide quality services to mutual clients.

The early criteria for membership were to be an independently owned and operated Destination Services Provider with a licensed operation in business for a minimum of three years.
In 1982, TIRA began with a single member from Singapore and was quickly joined by organizations Hong Kong (Hong Kong Orientations), the Philippines (Orientations, Inc), Taiwan (The Community Center), the USA (Community Connections), the United Kingdom (Executive Relocations), and France (Executive Relocations).

The International Relocation Associates

Their first group meeting was held in Hong Kong in 1986. From 1986 until approximately 2006 the group’s meeting forum site rotated regionally, affording members the opportunity to see and learn disciplines and cultures from other areas of the world.

During this time, membership was limited to one company per country unless there was an exception approved by a Board member. Then membership was opened to non-DSP related services, and post 2012, membership was made available to more than one company per country – provided established service criteria was met.

In time, members invited other companies to join the association, especially where there were gaps in their global footprint. On site assessments of potential new members were conducted by existing members.

Today, the allied network has over 50 offices and more than 500 locations worldwide.
TIRA-The International Relocation Associates’ rigorous “Stamp of Quality” assures its members maintain quality standards of excellence. This distinctive hallmark highlights their dedication to ethical business practices and collaborative partnerships, knowledge-sharing, compliant practices, and high touch, local expertise throughout the relocation journey.

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