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IKAN wins the Relocate Best DSP Award (Country/Local) 2021

We are excited with our winning the Relocate Best DSP award ( country / local ) 2021 The Hybrid Virtual Awards Ceremony was a Triumph – Relocate Awards again pushed  the boundary for global mobility sector.

A magical combination of Kent countryside and exotic global locations, brought hope and celebration, to this vibrant international sector intent on supporting economic growth and recovery.

Jayne Constantinis, the Host of the Relocate and Think Global People Awards for the second year, was enthusiastic to introduce a live element to this another ground-breaking Hybrid Virtual Awards’ Ceremony. This year there were live footage, cleverly interspersed with contributions from around the world and live chat.

Her unique experience –  live announcing on BBC TV; business reporting on BBC World; fronting corporate programmes for blue-chip companies and moderating and speaking at live events made her the perfect fit for the Awards global audience, watching the hybrid virtual ceremony unfold.

It was fun, it was lively and full of surprises. Most importantly it was all about the people, and showed their professionalism, care for their clients and staff and passion for the work they do.

“Suddenly, there was new hope of good things to come.

“And that is what I want to capture for you ALL today.  A sense of being out in the country, somewhere special that you love, put your worries behind you after a tempestuous year and celebrate with us today, here in Lamberhurst, in the beautiful part of Kent”, said Fiona Murchie describing her vision for a memorable tribute to the important global mobility and international management sector.

Judges’ comment

Dr Sue Shortland, Head Judge and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster and Professor Emerita at London Metropolitan University, had this to say about the quality of the entries.

“This year the judges were looking to see how the entrants had managed the challenging circumstances arising from the pandemic and how they managed to achieve excellence during adversity. We were certainly not disappointed. In fact, we were inspired by the amazing outcomes achieved.

“Award entrants all achieved great things – coping admirably during the difficult circumstances that 2020/1 brought. The winners truely excelled in their respective categories, demonstrating exciting and novel approaches to ensure great service as well as demonstrating support for their clients and their own staff.

“The level of care for staff wellbeing, and the support given to individuals and families on the move, was truly overwhelming. The entrants and winners are all to be congratulated on their inspirational efforts.”

The Judging Panel also included Mark Ethelston, Global Mobility Consultant and Paul Williamson, Head of Talent Development at the Ambassador Theatre Group.

“In a year where people have felt disconnected and cut off from family, friends and colleagues, it’s a real privilege to be able to recognise and celebrate the people and companies who have made a real positive impact”, said Paul Williamson, Head of Talent Development at the Ambassador Theatre Group and a member of the Judging Panel.

Mark Ethelston, Judge and Global Mobility Consultant confirmed, “It’s been an opportunity for companies and service providers to really show their dedication to their clients, go above and beyond in terms of the service level that they provide”.

Over 50 companies were shortlisted

 Over 50 companies entered the Awards in 2021 from all around the globe including India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, France, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and the UK.

“The mobility industry and those across international management have seized the opportunity to innovate and adapt , improve their talent management, wellbeing and engagement. They have pushed the boundary in technology and are embracing new working practices. This is a sector that is resilient, agile and passionate about putting people at the heart of what they do and driving growth in economies around the world”, said Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate and Relocate Global on running the Relocate Awards, now in their 14th year.

Think Global People – the future

Closing the Virtual Awards Ceremony in Kent, Fiona Murchie outlined the future.

“Our new future direction will be taking things further on the thought leadership side and using this wonderful setting here in Lamberhurst, Kent to support thinking and ideas. We’ll be producing more video films, webinars and podcasts and leadership workshops. We’re developing a thought-leadership centre here and you are all invited to get involved.

We’d like to house virtual resources from all around the world, that are accessible to people. Reports, surveys, learning – everything that makes global mobility so important, but also extending into the much wider international management world.

We invite you for your ideas on how to shape this new global resource and thought leadership centre of excellence.” 

Source – YouTube /RelocateMagazine

Why IKAN ? Why we won the award?

After four years of entering these awards and having won two other awards on this forum, IKAN finally bagged the prestigious “ Best DSP of the year” award. It had previously won under the technology and innovation section in 2020 and the the best service apartment operations section in 2019.

Considering it was the only company from India to win any award this year, spoke volumes of the dedication and commitment of the IKAN staff and management.

The judges said, “In the face of its own struggle during the Covid 19 pandemic, IKAN Relocation Services India set a great example, as a company, by focusing on employee retention and business continuity. IKAN’s employees demonstrated their engagement and passion by going the extra mile over and over.”

The judges comments, further highlight the IKAN focus on the well being of it’s staff, commitment to meeting stake holder KPI’s and service quality and always keeping customer first.

Rohit Kumar, received this award on behalf of the entire IKAN team and thanked the judges and the relocate magazine for the honour. In his virtual acceptance, he said that these awards were the “Oscars of the relocation Industry” and hence the award itself was of immense value to the IKAN team in these very trying times and a testament to their tenacity and agility to transform and work with change and difficult situations.

That IKAN took bold transforming decisions in March 2020 itself, strengthened its resilience and raised service levels despite significant hurdles while responding to the pandemic with agility, process and technological innovation and renewed customer focus. When another DSP could have made the choice to make redundancies, IKAN reallocated resources towards employee retention, training and development and imbibed a culture of collaboration, created new performance  metrics, worked towards digital transformation, thought beyond silos, focussed on relationship building, encouraged intellectual curiosity, developed a hybrid work model, empowered all stake holders, and adopted industry differentiators.

IKAN achieved it’s business continuity objective by recognising and drilling  the “Scottsdale Paradox”.The key to survival rests in recognising the scale and reality of the challenge, while believing it is possible to overcome it, prompting growth agility, patience and adaptability, acceptance of disruption driven innovation and creation of a humble and inclusive leadership.

Glowing client testimonials, 100 %  assignee satisfaction and multiple Industry awards are a testament to how IKAN employees nurtured their commitment  through one of the most trying periods for business in the last 90 years.

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