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The International Relocation Associates is on the move!

Discover What’s Next in the Evolution of Global Mobility with TIRA’s First Webinar

TIRA hosted its first webinar, “What’s Next in the Evolution of Global Mobility?” on Tuesday, 4 April. Thought leaders from around the world shared their perspectives on the future of global mobility including strategies to support the new global workforce.

Jérémy Berthoux, former TIRA’s Chair commented, “We hosted this first webinar to leverage the collective wisdom of our members and attract new members to our global network of some of the leading relocation companies in the world.”

Speakers included Lena Rekdal, TIRA member and Founder of Nimmersion in Sweden; Marie O’Neill, TIRA member and Managing Director and Co-Owner of EER in the Middle East; Alan Bell, Senior VP Solutions Consulting at Equus Software.

The webinar was co-facilitated by Brenda Levis, TIRA Board member and Founder and President of NYC Navigator, and Susan Ginsberg, Founder of SRG ADVISORY and consultant to TIRA.

The thought leaders engaged in spirited discussion on the changing face of relocation in their markets.

It was interesting to hear their diverse points of view on remote and hybrid work – each reflected on the need to strike the balance between in-office vs. remote work that suited an organization’s culture, innovative spirit, and inclusive collaboration and their employees’ wellness and productivity.

The Evolution of Global Mobility – Digitization

The acceleration of digitization was another interesting topic. In the end, the speakers believed that there was a place for digitization and that every service provider was on a journey to balance the need-for-digitized-speed with the ongoing demand for high touch support from corporate clients and end-users of their services.

They all agreed that Customer Experience and service excellence are key drivers of their businesses and a priority for all TIRA members. Everyone was consistently optimistic about the future of relocation and the need for businesses to attract, retain and move talent.

The Evolution of Global Mobility – Sustainability and Diversity

The importance of sustainability and diversity was a consistent commitment. Today corporate clients ask service providers to quantify their investments and integrate initiatives into future innovations. Many TIRA members have obtained or are working towards obtaining EcoVadis sustainability certification.

Common themes throughout the webinar were the importance for leaders and organizations to remain agile, flexible, and innovative during uncertain times. As an industry, we need to communicate, collaborate, and take strategic risks to be a valued player in the talent mobility ecosystem.

Christine Martin, TIRA’s Chair expressed pride that “this was the first of many knowledge webinars and ongoing video stream conversations. I am proud to lead this wonderful association and navigate the future of global mobility with such a dedicated and passionate group of entrepreneurs.”

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