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Collaboration is a Key Driver of Success

A The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) guiding principle is that collaboration is crucial to the network’s effectiveness. #Korn Ferry’s infographic, Why Collaboration is Crucial features viewpoints from the world’s most admired companies that are closely aligned with TIRA’s operating principles.

Why collaboration?

• First, it is important to adopt a “We before I mindset.” Intentional collaboration is fundamental to navigating change and driving growth.
• Encouraging problem-solving across teams fosters trust and builds incentives for ongoing engagement.
• Embracing inclusivity catalyzes innovation and experimentation to test, adapt, and improve.

How do leaders and teams improve their collaborative muscle?

• Develop cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.
• Assess if their collaboration muscle has improved over time.
• Ask questions to gauge if leaders and teams are collaborating with intention and purpose.
• Sense check if their digital and in-person collaboration skills are equally effective.

TIRA is an aligned network of leading quality global mobility providers that offers expertise from around the world to local solutions to global challenges. Network members leverage their experience and exchange best practices that add value to the global mobility industry and support the global demand for talent. Get in touch with us.

Written by Susan Ginsberg at SRG ADVISORY. Susan is a TIRA Partner.

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