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Celebrating 40 Years as Your Trusted Global Network of Local Relocation Experts - The EuRApean Summer 2022.

Celebrating 40 Years as Your Trusted Global Network of Local Relocation Experts

Celebrating 40 Years as Your Trusted Global Network of Local Relocation Experts

 The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) has renewed focus and optimism about global workforce mobility. Founded in 1982 by Beverly D. Mayhew of Orientations, Inc., the aligned network has more than 50 offices and over 500 locations worldwide. Each member company maintains its own identity and culture, bringing diversity and value to the overall association. Members share a dedication to the highest standards of excellence and a commitment to trusted partnerships.

On June 1, TIRA recently congratulated our new Board Chair, Jérémy Berthoux and thanked former Board Chair, Sharon Michnay for her dedication and leadership. He commented on TIRA’s transformative 40-year history, “now our industry is seeing unprecedented numbers of mergers and acquisitions which validates TIRA’s longstanding approach to creating a sustainable community of independent, yet united, local providers. This model is an alternative approach to supporting workforce mobility and talent acquisition. With these factors in mind, TIRA’s Board and I have established clear and ambitious goals that include increasing our membership by 50%, while maintaining our rigorous ‘Stamp of Quality’ standards and increasing the value of TIRA to its membership by providing more opportunities to connect, collaborate and gain more visibility in the global marketplace.”

Jérémy is Managing Director and President of Home Conseil Relocation in France. He recently reflected on assuming the role as TIRA’s Board Chair, “After being involved in TIRA since I joined the industry in 2014, it was a logical step for me to apply for a Board position in 2019. Serving on TIRA’s Board has helped me grow professionally and it felt like I was standing on the shoulders of our industry’s giants.”

“Moving to a Vice-Chair position under Sharon Michnay’s presidency in 2021 felt like a natural move deeper into the organization that has helped me shape a vision for TIRA’s future that I think is brighter than ever. Our industry has recently come through its hardest-hitting crisis. The unwavering solidarity shown amongst TIRA members in sharing best practices has helped members to emerge unscathed. This has been instrumental to our network’s survival to where we are now thriving.”

The network is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of relocation with compassion, care, and compliance. Building on a proven foundation, TIRA’s multifaceted mission is to attract new members, foster a supportive and innovative community, and help grow members’ businesses and brand. As the network navigates the new world of work, Jeremy proudly shares, “I am confident our great Board and outstanding membership are up to the task and look very much forward to putting TIRA’s good name out there!”

Take a look at our new website, TIRA. We would love to hear from you!


Written by: Susan Ginsberg, Founder SRG ADVISORY

This article was featured in the Summer 2022 issue of the EuRApean (p.37).  All issues of the e-zine are featured on the EuRA website

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