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4 tips to hire an international expert in Finland

4 useful tips to hire an international expert in Finland

It has been studied, that international talents create a more diverse community, making the whole work community idea richer and more creative.

If your company has decided to hire people from abroad, we can help you. For this reason, Finland Relocation has put together a few important points to consider when hiring an international expert in Finland.

Plan your recruitment well

When hiring international expert in Finland, first you need to think about how a foreign employee will serve the needs of your company? Do you want to hire an international expert, an international student or a returning expert?
In any case, it is a good idea to plan the recruitment process well before placing a recruitment notice.

The talent may not be aware of Finnish labor law or culture. By preparing to answer both the small and large questions about life and working in Finland, you create a reliable and attractive image of your organization for the job seeker. 

How to get an international talent attracted to Finland?

There is a demand for international experts in Finland too. In addition to salary and job description, today the attractiveness of an employer is affected by other matters as well. Job seekers may be interested in, for example, the values ​​of the organization, the work culture, and the opportunity to influence their own work.

Relocation services provided by the employer can also act as a competitive factor for the employee, even as a decisive thing in decision-making. When the relocation process is handled professionally and smoothly, it has a positive impact on the employee’s well-being in the new country, as well as creating a positive image of the employer. 

4 useful tips to hire an international expert in Finland

Hiring an international expert in Finland

Once a suitable candidate has been found and is ready to be hired, it is worth going through the basics with them. A foreign employee may not be familiar with the laws, practices and regulations we have in Finland. 

An employment contract can be finalized as soon as the decision on recruitment has been made. An employment contract is required to enter the country legally as an employee. Starting an employment relationship may require various permits and, for example, the right to work.

If your company does not have the expertise to assist a new employee in these processes, it may be useful to use expert help. Immigration processes with a permit application can be complicated, but with the help of a specialist, those can be handled smoothly. For example, FRS customers usually receive residence permits before the target time. 

Settling in Finland

After the recruitment and immigration process, the employee still has a lot to deal with. Local registration, applying for a tax card, finding temporary and permanent housing, finding kindergarten and schools, looking for hobbies and activities, are a few different important issues to sort out. 

An HR expert or supervisor may not have time to support the new employee in settling in, in which case the settling in and orientation services are helpful for the employee. Our relocation experts with extensive experience can help the employee and the family throughout the process.

That way moving and starting a new life in a new country will be stress-free and the employee will have a pleasant start to their new life in Finland. 

The first recruitment is often perceived as the most difficult, but we will support your company throughout the process. Contact Finland Relocation – if you need help hiring an international expert in Finland! 


*Increasing cultural and ethnic diversity in the work community can increase a company’s earnings by up to 35%, so it also has financial benefits, according to a study by consulting firm McKinsey & Company. You can view the research here

“The benefits of staff diversity can be achieved when leadership and organizational culture support functional diversity and inclusion. The benefits of diversity, such as innovation and creativity, come from diversity and a range of perspectives.” Direct quote from an article by the National Institute of Occupational Health on the diversity of the work community. 

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